5 Roll

5 Roll

Everyone may enjoy the amusing online game with a dice theme known as 5 Roll. Check to see whether you have a winning hand today and see how well you do in this traditional game with five dice. Play a game of poker dice with your friends by rolling the dice and trying to make pairs, three of a kind, full houses, and straight houses. Try to beat the odds you've given yourself in the next five spins. What are you holding out for exactly? Join 5 Roll right now so that you don't lose out on the enticing prospects!


  • Vibrant images in two dimensions. 
  • Engaging and fun game play. 
  • Intuitive controls.
  • There are five different dice to choose from.

How to play

Participants in the game use the mouse to move and manipulate the dice so that they may successfully fulfill the many tasks that are part of each game round. Best of luck!

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