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Adam and Eve Go Xmas

Adam and Eve Go Xmas

Wow! Welcome to Adam and Eve Go Christmas! Everyone will find this Adam and Eve-themed Christmas game to be quite beautiful. The objective of the game is to get ready for a comfortable Christmas this year. Play the part of Adam and do all of Eve's chores to get their house ready for the celebration. Have you prepared? Now is the time to join Adam and Eve at Go Xmas and take advantage of incredible opportunities! 


  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • An enjoyable journey with a Christmas theme
  • Logical controls

How to play

Players take part in the challenge in this game by moving Adam around using the arrow keys and the mouse. Gather as many gift boxes as you can!

Adam and Eve Go Xmas is one of the great games in our list of free and online Christmas games that you can play to celebrate the holiday. Happy New Year and best wishes!

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