Everyone may participate in the online war game known as You have been tasked by the General Among Us with seizing control of the YRZ-15 space station. Compete with the other pretenders for control of the area. Take over the whole station area, defend your boundaries, and capture territory to advance your cause. When the imposter leaves its region, it exposes itself to the possibility of an attack and leaves a trail behind it. It will die if you touch the path, and its area will be unlocked if you do. Maintain the safety of your track as you attack the one the opposition is using. What are you holding out for exactly? Play to get the crown by taking over the most land in the station.


  • A synchronous multiplayer online battle arena game with 2D colorful graphics.
  • Thinking strategically is required as a prerequisite. 
  • A measurement of the proportion of the land that you inhabit.

How to play

Participants in the challenge may take part in it by touching or using the mouse to control the motions of their character. Use the mouse or the keyboard (WASD/arrow keys) to navigate on a desktop. Best of luck!

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