Battles Of Seas

Battles Of Seas

Awake, Harry!!! Do not hesitate to get on board. Everyone may enjoy the free online arcade game, Battles Of Seas, which has a classic seafaring setting. Construct a ship you're proud of with a wide variety of improvements, then set sail. So, what are you waiting for? Join the Sea Wars now!


  • Vibrant, 2D visual
  • Possessing a solid objective is essential.
  • Three difficulty levels are available: easy, medium, and hard.
  • Unlockable Ships and Weapons.

How to play

In order to take part in the challenge, players must utilize the left mouse button to take aim at the computer user and fire at them. Touching the screen to aim and release to fire is the only control method required for mobile and tablet devices. By defeating adversaries and accumulating cash, you may purchase better ships and weapons with which to wipe out the whole enemy fleet. I wish you the best of luck!

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