Big Block Battle

Big Block Battle

Everyone may have fun with Big Block Battle, a thrilling block-removal game. The player's objective is to clear the screen of blue blocks by firing balls at them, but they must avoid sending any of the blocks flying over the edge of the game board. Get the required number of points to advance to the next stage. This game of shooting logic, skill, and strategy has 35 fascinating levels. The objective is to remove the blue blocks without removing the green ones above them. Are you all set? Join Big Blocks Battle right away to make sure you get to use all of its great features.


  • Online multi-player games.
  • Easy-to-use buttons and sliders.
  • Two maps with challenging gameplay.

How to play

Players take on the task by clicking the mouse to aim and fire, and then choosing from a variety of different cannon bullets. Move the mouse while keeping the left mouse button down and the pointer in the firing region. Withdraw the cannon's plunger by releasing the shutter button. All the best!

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