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Christmas Imposter Run

Christmas Imposter Run

A fun online game with an appealing imposter theme for Christmas is called Christmas Imposter Run. The aim of the game is to gather as many gifts as you can. Straighten your legs and start sprinting while grabbing everything in your path. Do you believe you can get more than one present this year? Christmas is here, so sign up for the Christmas Imposter Run right now!


  • Imaginative controls and colorful 2D visuals.
  • Fun and difficult gameplay.
  • One that never ends.

How to play

The WASD keys are used to control your character while you compete in the challenge. To leap over obstacles and slip under them, use the W key. Change the A and D keys' directions. You may amass elves in addition to the present box. You get damage protection when you have a particular quantity of these carnival sculptures collected.

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