City Siege 2. Resort Siege

City Siege 2. Resort Siege

City Siege 2. Resort Siege is an entirely free online game that anybody can play, and it has a combat system that is both challenging and rewarding for players. City Siege 2 is its predecessor. On a crusade to eliminate those delightful villains who have returned, but this time they are plotting to take control of the beach! More levels, more units, more destruction! Keep your eyes peeled for the brand-new Spy, Transport 'Copter, and Veteran. However, what exactly is this? It's not fair that the evil guys now have tanks, and as if that weren't enough, they also have their own veterans and powers. Are you prepared to rise to the occasion? Let's play City Siege 2 and Resort Siege to see who can dominate themselves!


  • Vibrant images in two dimensions.
  • Challenging level design.
  • Entertaining gameplay.
  • Intuitive controls.

How to play

To select a group of soldiers, click on them. Then, to command your troops, you can use the WASD or cursor keys. Use the mouse to aim and click to fire. You can scroll the screen by moving your mouse to the corners of the display. This will allow you to see what's coming up next. Certain units have to come to a halt before they can fire (namely the Bazooka guy and the Artillery truck). Spies are able to move around without being observed, and carriers are able to move troops throughout the map. You can move your units in and out of the fight by using the buttons labeled "evacuate" and "deploy." Best of luck!

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