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Command Strike FPS

Command Strike FPS

Here you can play a brand new shooting game. There's a cool shooter game called Command Strike FPS that everyone may play online. When going on a legitimate commando raid It contains many of the staple elements found in traditional shooters. In other words, do you feel up to the task? Command Strike First-Person Shooter will let you complete them and become a master marksman.


  • Many different battlefield layouts.
  • Deathmatch, Flag Capture, and Missions are all available offline.
  • Guns and pistols that pack a serious punch.
  • Easy to use controls for the gun.
  • Games with lots of action By honing your abilities, you can be a better soldier.
  • Take up arms and enter the fray! Do the special commando missions now.

How to play

On the keyboard, use the WASD keys to move and the letter "G" to throw a grenade. H must administer first aid. The controls are as follows: M1 for target M2 for fire SPACE to jump ESC to access the scroll wheel menu and choose a new weapon Not Connected The Big Arsenal includes three different kinds of special missions across three maps. I wish you the quickest possible victory!

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