Crazy Monster Shooter

Crazy Monster Shooter

The online game Crazy Monster Shooter has a combat setting that will appeal to players of all ages for a variety of reasons. The players have to make it through waves of demons from hell who are out to kill them and take their stuff. By upgrading your heroes and unlocking new ones to join the battle, you may rescue yourself from hell. Are you prepared to go? Join Crazy Monster Shooter right away to make sure you don't miss any cool opportunities!


  • 24 levels need to be finished. 
  • There are five distinct varieties of skateboards that may be unlocked and chosen from. 
  • Amusement role-playing games are up for grabs.

How to play

The task is taken on by players by moving the WASD keys: Use the mouse to aim - Press and hold the left mouse button to fire - Using the right mouse button will cause you to throw a grenade. Best of luck!

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