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Dibbles 3. Desert Despair

Dibbles 3. Desert Despair

Dibbles 3. Desert Despair is an online game that is offered at no cost and features an engaging combat setting. The objective of this game is for the player to assist the Dibbles in their return and accomplish 44 brand new puzzles along the way. This time, they were in the desert, and the king wore a natural Pharaoh suit because he was dressed specifically for the occasion. It's fantastic, isn't it? Sign up for Dibbles 3: Desert Despair right away!


  • A brand new command for the Swamp and Melt.
  • A new command for Rocks and Clear.
  • There are multiple beginning and ending points.

How to play

In order to direct the pebbles in the correct direction, the player must use the mouse to choose commands and then position them on the playing field. I hope you win!

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