Diggy is a petite little mignon. As he enters a new field of work, he will need your assistance. He is now searching for valuable stones. Can you lend a hand and help him on his search for valuable stones?

Our tiny mignon doesn't have an easy job. It's almost impossible for him, because he is always tired, to dig everywhere. The prize he wins is extremely attractive when he digs in appropriate places. He takes great pleasure in digging in all parts of the world and in accumulating precious minerals or jewels with the aim of making a fortune. You can help make his job easier. Our guy needs to be guided in the best possible manner. Use the radar to spot jewels nearby. You will discover more precious gemstones the more you dig. Don't forget about updating your skills like daily energy or radar. Let's see how good you do in digging, and how much you make at the end.


How to play

How To Play Diggy

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