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Dream Life

Welcome to Dream Life! Everyone will enjoy playing this brand-new match-3 game. In the game, you may move items around to suit your needs and delete them. Complete three stages to get prizes. A fun match-three adventure voyage may be had thanks to the game's diverse and varied match-three levels and adorable and vibrant level components. In readiness? Join Dream Life right now!


  • Playing with colorful components to gather new and intriguing items.
  • A rainbow unicorn, a magic wand, a special toy spacecraft...
  • Strong things that make it easier to complete the stages.
  • Compete against players on the leaderboard to earn prizes.

How to play

In order to complete the assignment, players must use the mouse to move and match three objects of the same hue in order to gather them. To make a rocket, line up four identically colored elements in a row. Construct an L shape using objects of the same color to create a bomb. To construct a mission, place four identical things into a square. To make a rainbow ball, line up five things of the same hue. Pay attention to the strategy to win the battle!

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