Feller 3D

Feller 3D

An online game called Feller 3D with a 3D simulation concept lets you experience what it's like to be a home builder and lumberjack. To finish each level's task is the game's objective. These missions include various levels of wood collection. Use an ax or chainsaw to first cut the tree down. Why are you holding out? Sign up for Feller 3D now!


  • Vivid 3D graphics.
  • There are many levels, each requiring the completion of a separate objective.
  • Simple controls.
  • Different dwellings may be built and customized.
  • Game for entertainment.

How to play

The challenge is played by participants using their mouse. You can construct a home after you have enough materials. Every house has a unique style, and there are several ways to further alter that design. You may view a list of your accomplishments on the right side of the construction screen.

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