Furtive Dao

Furtive Dao

The online puzzle game Furtive Dao is a lot of fun for anybody. Each challenge in this Chinese-style action game must be solved before moving on to the next. If you want to help Red Panda generate money for the animal shelter, you may do so here. Sounds intriguing, right? Don't wait to become a member of Furtive Dao and lose out on the many benefits it offers.


  • 30 different challenges.
  • All of the music in all six levels was composed specifically for each of the six different foes. 
  • 2D animations with plenty of color. 
  • user-friendly interface. 
  • Thrilling, infuriating, and frustrating gameplay. 
  • The protagonist is a cuddly panda.

How to play

Using the mouse or touch screen, players take part in tasks. Have a prosperous day!

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