Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

The online game Happy Wheels, which has elements of racing, action, and obstacle course gameplay, is enjoying an ever-increasing level of success, with billions of people from all over the globe participating. On the tough path to triumph in this entertaining game, your character will most likely sustain injuries along the way, such as shattered legs or limbs. You will be required to navigate through hazardous terrain and make your way to the finish line at whatever cost, even if you suffer terrible injuries in the process. Are you prepared to go? Come ride the Happy Wheels with us today!


  • It includes more than sixty insane and difficult stages. 
  • There are a lot of levels that players may modify in the editor. 
  • There are a variety of difficult obstacles like mines, spikes, destruction balls, and javelins. 
  • Combining a realistic physical model with a fluid visual style,

How to play

Players that take part in the activity will utilize the mouse in order to move ahead and leap. To navigate around, you may use the arrow keys in conjunction with the following additional keys:

  • To navigate around, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. 
  • To carry out the primary action, use the SPACEBAR key (after ejecting: Grab). 
  • To conduct secondary actions, use the Shift or Control key on your keyboard. 
  • To eject, use the Z key.
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