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Herobrine Vs Monster School

Herobrine Vs Monster School

Herobrine Vs Monster School is a free, web-based game based on the character of Evil Herobrine, who is furious with the pupils of Monster School. In this cube-shaped universe, it is up to the player to provide harsh punishment to the zombies. Due to the kids' terrible behavior, Herobrine became enraged at the School of Monsters. As a result, Herobrine was determined to use his crossbow, wooden arrows, and TNT to wipe out Monster School and everything associated with it. Will you please answer yes or no? Participate in Herobrine vs. Monster School right now!


  • With a well-known academic as the main character.
  • Enhancing motor competence.
  • There are two different playing styles.
  • Disguises and weapons that may be unlocked.
  • It's mobile-friendly.

How to play

Challenges are taken on by touching or clicking to fire a bow. Take down your foes with arrows and win. Use your gun to send the slug crashing down on your foe. Get the door open by shooting the lever. Be mindful of your surroundings; best of luck!

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