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HexAquatic Kraken

HexAquatic Kraken

An online game with an adventure concept and very alluring marine life is called Hexaquatic Kraken. The aim of the game is to assist the unfortunate marine life in overcoming the Kraken and returning to a tranquil existence. You must categorize them in order to achieve this. Why are you holding out? Join the Hexaquatic Kraken now to take advantage of these exciting possibilities!

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  • Bright colours and an underwater motif.
  • Cute marine life.
  • Boost your puzzle-solving abilities.
  • The game's rules are straightforward to understand and play.
  • Accessible on mobile devices.


To play this game, you may use your mouse. Slide to match the monster by clicking on it. To connect the fish, hold it and slide across the screen. It's best to organise your actions before acting since you can only engage the same sort of monster in one move. Good fortune!

How to play

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