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Kipas Guys

Kipas Guys is just a tweaked version of Stumble Guys with some more content and polish added in. There are several challenging stages in this game. You'll need quick reflexes and a nimble mind to make it beyond this round. You're going to need to be ready, right? Become a member of Kipas Guys right now to ensure that you take part in all of the fun challenges that are coming your way!


  • Levels by the hundreds.
  • Images in vivid 2D colors.
  • The Capacity for Intuition.
  • Unlockable Skins.
  • Several parts, lots of content to discover.

How to play

Win by eliminating as many opponents as possible. You need to utilize your talents to win by knocking out your competition. Coordination and reflexes will be put to the ultimate test. Players use the mouse to navigate and try to finish the task as quickly as possible. Sending you the best of luck!

Kipas Guys3 votes. 3.17 / 5
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