Kizi Kart

Kizi Kart

Participate in an amusing race with Kizi Kart. Jump into your car and take on other characters. There are many stages. Give other drivers a lesson in road safety and show them what you can do. Do you have what it takes to be the tournament champion?

Safety first! Make sure you check the condition of your car's wheels and seat. Drivers who drive recklessly are advised to stay off the roads. Because the course is full of dangers and obstacles, it is crucial to pay attention. You aim to finish each race first, which is the ultimate goal. There are fifteen races across three tournaments. Select a level to begin the game. Next, choose a character from one of five options. Each character has their own unique abilities. Your abilities will be limited at first, but you can increase them by spending the cash earned during the race to buy upgrades. To accelerate, press the up arrow key. To move to the sides, press left and right arrow keys. Five other racers are competing with you. There will be many obstacles along the way, from oil puddles to road signs and fences. They can cause serious injury if you collide with them. To gain a competitive edge, power-ups can be obtained. These power-ups can range from speed boosters to traps that can stop your opponent in their tracks. Each race consists of two laps. You can check the total number at the top. The top right corner of your screen may show you where you are currently located.

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How To Play Kizi Kart

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