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Laser Cannon 3

Laser Cannon 3 has been revived! The "Laser Cannon" series continues on with a whole new installment with this game. In Laser Cannon 3, players will encounter new locations, new creatures, and new equipment. The objective of this entertaining physics-based shooter is for the player to advance to the third round. You have the power to once more defend our planet from a swarm of hostile extraterrestrial beings. Using your powerful cannon, get through each level while minimizing the number of bullets you use to take out all of the enemies. Are you up to the task of completing this difficult mission? Take part in Laser Cannon 3 right away!


  • 15 different levels to progress through.
  • Stunning images in two dimensions
  • Various puzzles to solve.
  • Engaging and compelling gameplay

How to play

The more shots you can get away with taking, the better. Therefore, take your time to aim before firing, and make certain that each shot is successful. You are the only one who can put an end to these weird monsters, and it is imperative that you do it. The user navigates the game world by clicking and dragging the mouse, then paying attention to the on-screen prompts. Good luck!

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