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Liquid 2

In the immersive video game Liquid 2, players are tasked with directing falling drips toward a predetermined goal. To accomplish this, we make use of the "arrow keys" on our keyboards to rotate the playing field, which in turn changes the path that the water takes. The graphic style is quite great, and the soundtrack is soothing. There are a total of 27 levels spread across three different planets, and players may expect to encounter more drops and various traps along the route. Are you completely prepared? Join Liquid 2 as soon as possible!


  • 2D, colorful graphics.
  • online multiplayer battle arena game with asynchronous multiplayer
  • Thinking strategically is required as a prerequisite.
  • A measurement of the proportion of the land that you occupy.

How to play

Players take on challenges by using the left and right arrow buttons on their keyboards or the mouse to travel left and right. Other game controls include M for mute, R for restart, and SPACE for moving on to the next level once Fort has been completed. Best of luck!

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