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Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy

Everyone can enjoy Little Alchemy, an internet-based making game with a chemical theme. The idea is to mix things to create new ones. Start by mixing earth, air, fire, and water to create new elements. Be methodical in your thinking as you put together different elements. Learn how to manipulate time, matter, and the cosmos with the approximately 700 things you'll find. How wonderful is that? Take part in the Little Alchemy experiment right now!


  • There will be new and interesting findings. 
  • Logic and imaginative solutions.
  • Playing this game while listening to soothing music is a great way to unwind.

How to play

In Little Alchemy, the challenge begins when the player drags the ingredients they want to mix from the right-hand menu to the middle of the screen. Then drag one thing over the other to attempt to join the two. If you enter a valid combination, you will unlock additional content and get a recipe for it to add to your encyclopedia. You can use the encyclopedia to see how far you've come and find out more about the things you've found.

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