Love Tester

Love Tester

You and your significant other's compatibility may now be tested with Love Tester, a fun and interactive web-based game. You just need to substitute your own and your significant other's names (you can also set the gender). I can't guarantee it'll work the way you expect it to. Isn't that interesting? If you don't want to lose out on great possibilities, sign up for Love Tester right now.


  • List up to three preferred names.
  • Pick the preferred gender for each attractive person.
  • Analyze your data to find the best candidate.
  • Be sure to let your friends know how you did.

How to play

The player selects the field name and starts the computation with the left mouse button. To type the name, just use the keyboard. True love is a mathematical equation, so put aside your feelings and think logically. Enter your name and the name of the person you're interested in below to find out whether you're really meant to be together! An honest love calculator will never deceive you. Three more people may be included in the calculation. Check out your shape and brag about it to your pals.

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