New Super Mario World 2

New Super Mario World 2

In New Super Mario World 2, you play as Mario without the presence of Yoshi. The game features six levels, each with a boss fight after every three levels. While the first four levels have layouts similar to the original game, the later levels have different designs created by the game's programmers. The final two stages are entirely original designs.


New Super Mario World 2 consists of six levels, with bosses at certain intervals. The first two levels are based on the first and third levels of the original game, and the third level is Iggy's Castle. You'll encounter Iggy Koopa as the boss for this castle, although it lacks the original "Mode 7" tilting effect. After three more levels, you'll face the final boss, which resembles a giant black cue ball. This boss bounces around the stage and shoots three Bullet Bills at Mario. It's difficult to defeat because it's only vulnerable for a very short time and requires ten hits to defeat.

After beating the final boss, you'll see a screen displaying Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach with the words "The End" above them. This is the same ending screen as the original Super Mario World.

Levels in New Super Mario World 2
  1. Yoshi's Island 1
  2. Yoshi's Island 3
  3. Iggy's Castle
  4. Donut Plains 1
  5. Ice Level
  6. Maze Level
  7. Final Boss Fight
Music and Graphics

The music in New Super Mario World 2 is primarily taken from two Mega Drive games: TaleSpin and Jeopardy!. These games used the GEMS sound driver, and the developers of this bootleg game likely reused tracks from those games instead of creating covers of Super Mario World's original music. However, the title screen and the first level feature covers of the music cues from Super Mario World. Other levels use music cues from Garry Kitchen's Super Battletank and Ariel the Little Mermaid, both Mega Drive games.

The start-up screen includes the famous "It's-a me, Mario!" voice sample from Super Mario 64. The title screen is taken from Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World, but without the "64" in the logo. Yoshi is also absent from the title screen, although remnants of his shoes and tail from the original game can still be seen around Birdo.

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How to play

  • You control Mario in New Super Mario World 2. Pressing the A button allows Mario to run, but it requires a longer distance compared to the original game. This can make precise jumping a bit challenging. The controls in general feel stiff and less responsive than the original game.
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