In Oceania, a free massively multiplayer online game, players find themselves washed up on an uncharted island and tasked with making their way through the game by engaging in various forms of resource management, including gathering, farming, and constructing. You may do up to five activities per buddy every day to assist them with their farming needs. Do you have everything you need? In order to take advantage of all the great possibilities Oceania has to offer, you should join right now.


  • Animations in vivid 2D colors
  • Use a tactical approach
  • To be collected: items
  •  Giving supplementary guidance to characters

How to play

The player has to fight against the jungle in order to stake his claim on the island. You may eventually include the whole island on your farm. Oceania is a welcoming and warm place where you may do up to five daily helpful activities for each of your friends that live on a farm. Helping a neighbor usually doesn't take much time or energy, so your buddy completes the task easily. I wish you the best of luck.

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