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Poppy Dungeons

Poppy Dungeons

All players will find Poppy Dungeons to be a really enticing online game with a monster theme. A special squad was sent in response to a complaint from concerned locals who claimed to have seen a terrifying purple creature ravaging the alleyways. Your goal is to stay alive while assisting the main character to safely escape the dungeon full of hostile troops that will not hold back when approaching and will pursue you until you are taken out. To finish each level, you must kill the vicious Huggy Wuggy and gather the level's keys. To maneuver the soldier across the dungeon with varying degrees of difficulty, you may shoot anything that moves against you from there. Why do you persist in waiting? Sign up for Poppy Dungeons now!


  • Unsettling 3D graphics.
  • Dark dungeon ambience.
  • Collecting weapons.
  • Challenging adversaries.
  • Automatic shooting and aiming.

How to play

On a PC, the players move by dragging the joystick, whereas on a mobile device or tablet, they use the mouse. Lucky you!

Poppy Dungeons3 votes. 4.83 / 5
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