Running Bot

Running Bot

Are you prepared to dominate the Running Bot? During Christmas, everyone may enjoy playing this really appealing obstacle course game online. To go down the road while avoiding all of the hazards you see is the object of the game. If you don't lose one of your three lives by running into an obstacle, you may keep running indefinitely. You may gather as many gift boxes as you like along the route. To improve your talents, gather as many gift boxes as you can. In readiness? Sign up now for Running Bot!


  • Vibrant 3D graphics
  • Endless path
  • Boost abilities
  • Simple controls

How to play

The challenge is played by moving with the mouse and following the instructions:

  • On a mobile device, swipe left or right to move, then swipe up to leap.
  • Desktop: To navigate, use the left or right arrow keys. To leap, use the up arrow key. To play the game again, use the space bar.

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