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Sieger 2: Age of Gunpowder

Sieger 2: Age of Gunpowder

The age of gunpowder has finally arrived in this world! Exploding dynamite at the weak points of your enemies' structures will help you take them down and collect awards. This is a clever physics puzzle game that blends point-and-click gameplay with fortress physics, and it's called Sieger 2: Age of Gunpowder. The objective of this game is to use cannon balls to bring down various structures, such as castles, strongholds, and ships. You will only have a certain number of cannons available to you, and the objective is to eliminate all of the guards and soldiers with the fewest number of rounds possible. In addition to defeating the guardians, you are responsible for freeing the hostages. Sieger 2: Age of Gunpowder has 68 stages with an environment that can be destroyed in whatever way the player chooses. Are you prepared to go? Today is the day to join Sieger 2: Age of Gunpowder!


  • Sniper is a game with first-person shooter elements, 3D visuals, and multiplayer support.
  • Multiple facets of the fight to choose from.
  • Offers a variety of tactical choices on the battlefield.

How to play

Players compete in various challenges by making use of the mouse. Use the left mouse button to navigate and aim; fire the 1234; switch to the R type of ammunition; restart the level. Best of luck!

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