Sniper King 2D: The Dark City

Sniper King 2D: The Dark City

Softinity's Sniper King 2D: The Dark City is a first-person shooter puzzle game played in 3D that can be played online. Your objective is to use your sniper rifle to eliminate foes from a safe distance. Navigate through 30 difficult levels packed with a wide variety of goals while taking pleasure in the game's fluid, user-friendly controls. Accuracy and subtlety are both crucial to your success. Spend some of your hard-earned cash on in-game purchases to level up. Try this thrilling game and see whether you have what it takes to win. Don't wait to join Sniper King 2D: The Dark City to reap the benefits.


  • Graphics in three dimensions.
  • It's an abundance of zombies to slaycontrols that don't take a genius to figure out. 
  • Fun matchup, to say the least.

How to play

To go forward, players utilize the WASD keys. Use the left mouse button to fire, and the right to zoom in. If you want to leap, just use the space bar. Wishing you the best of luck!

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