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An enjoyable puzzle game, Stack may be played by anyone and is available for free on the web. Put as many blocks in a tower as you can! Visuals that are simple, elegant, and effectiveAttempt to achieve the highest score possible. Build the tallest tower you can out of the blocks! Elegantly crafted, user-friendly visuals Do your best to beat the world record. Are you up for the challenge? Don't wait any longer to become a part of Stack and benefit from its many advantages.


  • 3D images that are vivid.
  • Upgrade your abilities with a focus on speed.
  • It is superbly entertaining and hypnotizing.

How to play

In In the Stack, players compete to build the tallest towers of blocks. Artwork that is both simple and stunning. Test your skills against the world's greatest. Put as many blocks in a stack as you can. To score as many points as possible, you'll need to use the mouse and some footwork to move and stack blocks. I hope you win!

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