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Stunt Crazy

In this action-packed, destruction-themed video game, your goal is to become a renowned stuntman across the globe. Destroy 24 film sets, get yourself into the papers, pick up some prizes, and put on some stunt shows. A futuristic vehicle will be your mode of transportation as you navigate roofs and other obstacles while carefully watching your fuel level. Acquiring the red, blue, and yellow stunt reels will allow you to successfully achieve your goals. Do you have the necessary level of insanity?


The action game Stunt Crazy is a stunt driving game in which you have to do the most impressive stunts possible while you are behind the wheel of your vehicle. Your goal should be to bring everything to a catastrophic end in the most exciting manner possible. You may steer your stunt vehicle using the arrow keys on your keyboard or the wasd button. For missiles, turbo bombs, and crash bombs, use the z, x, and c keys, respectively (or j, k, and l).

How to play

  • WS or up and down arrow keys = move
  • AD or left and right arrow keys = flip the car in mid-air
  • Z = launch missiles
  • X = use rocket
  • C = use crash bomb
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