Sumz! is an open-to-all online logic puzzle game. As a player, your job is a piece of cake in this mathematical brain teaser. You must amass the specified sum, then flip the figures in the squares such that the globes disappear from the board. The amount you'll need to gather varies from stage to stage. The data may be gathered in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Online versions of Sumz may be played on a variety of devices. Is everything all set? Today is the day to join Sumz!


  • 2D animation with vibrant colors.
  • There are literally dozens of levels to go through. 
  • A fun and engaging experience with an intuitive interface.

How to play

In order to participate and accomplish tasks, players use the following controls: the right and left arrow keys to move the figure; the up and down arrow keys to rotate the digits; and the space bar for instant reduction. Don't ignore the obstacles that pop up as you play. Best of luck!

Sumz!1 votes. 4 / 5
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