Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset

Welcome to Tanuki Sunset! Tanuki the panda is the primary character in this downhill skateboarding game. The player's objective is to master the turns and pull off tricks on the skateboard to get points. Drive the coolest panda around meandering roads at dusk while listening to terrific music and taking in vivid graphics. Have you prepared? Sign up now for Tanuki Sunset!


  • There are several levels for players to finish.
  • Wonderful puzzle game.
  • Everyone may play addictive games.
  • Stunning 2D visuals.

How to play

Players take part in the activity by moving and following the directions using the mouse:

  • Use the arrow keys or the A/D keys to move.
  • Enter a fast stance using the W or up arrow.
  • To slide 180 degrees, press S or the down arrow.
  • The space bar floats.
  • E to pause

On the other hand, skateboard downward while dodging hazards to get points. The roulette wheel will let you spin for additional points when your score meter is full. Jumping and pulling off stunts will increase your score total. Good fortune!

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