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Under The Rubble

Under The Rubble

There are a lot of zombies in every direction! The ancient home is prone to having a variety of mishaps take place. For instance, the zombies prefer to conceal themselves inside the dilapidated home. Bombing the city is the only way to save it. Monsters that feed on brains can only be defeated in one way: by crushing them! Because you only have a limited supply of the explosives, you need to give great consideration to where you place them. After the planting has been completed and you are certain that you are ready, push the boom button to see whether or not your estimates were accurate. Bombing it! You may now take advantage of one of the strangest brain teasers that has ever been created wherever you go!

What’s inside?

  • Tricky physics-based puzzle
  • Full version of the game for free
  • An incredible zombie apocalypse atmosphere
  • No internet connection required
  • Fun brain-teaser with lots of challenging levels

How to play

How To Play Under The Rubble

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