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Dibbles 2. Winter Woes

Dibbles 2. Winter Woes

Welcome to Dibbles 2. Winter Woes! In the fresh new Christmas adventure the Dibbles are having, you must assist the Dibbles in getting their king to the finish line. For the Sake of the Greater Good, after Dibbles's Winter: At this point, Dibbles is making his way across the Arctic Circle on foot. Are you able to rise to the occasion and take on the challenge? Join in with Dibbles 2: Winter Woes Right This Minute!


  • Musical entertainment.
  • Many levels to enjoy.
  • Each level contains a unique assortment of puzzles.
  • Beautiful graphic.

How to play

Players make their command selections by clicking and dragging the mouse to place command stones along the path of the pebbles. The orders will be carried out by the first dibble that reaches the stone, even if it means that they will perish in the process. Good luck!

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