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Garden Tales 2

Garden Tales 2

Taking inspiration from the most played match-3 game ever made, Garden Tales 2 is a simple puzzler. You'll be thrilled with Garden Tales 2's many popular games and the many new and updated levels. In other words, get moving! Gather your friends and get into Garden Tales 2 right now!


  • Incredibly beautiful and straightforward, the game's UI is a joy to use.
  • Many different missions and rounds are available to players.


The player can either use the mouse to navigate or touch the screen to move around.

How to play

The goal of this game is to line up rows of identical food items in either the horizontal or vertical plane. Play through the levels and explore the whole map to achieve your goals. In order to earn all three stars, you must use the mouse or touch controls to swap at least three identical meals. If you match four or more, you may also gain access to additional bonuses and powerups.

Keep in mind that you only have so many turns in each round; using as few turns as possible to complete the assignment will earn you the highest points. We hope you win the grand prize!

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