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Super Villainy

Super Villainy is an enticing Battle Royale-themed online game open to gamers of all skill levels. This fantastic shooter allows you to get to the top of the criminal food chain by equipping you with an arsenal of powerful tools, including turrets, upgrades, and even a legion of loyal henchmen. Play the timeless game of "Battle Royale" and have fun. To what degree do you feel prepared? Those that join Super Villainy quickly won't lose out on the enticing benefits that membership brings.


  • There are 40 increasingly difficult stages. 
  • Build a new one from scratch. 
  • There are four distinct levels of difficulty. 
  • The choice to rush through a task.

How to play

In order to take part in the challenge, players may either utilize the arrow keys or the WASD keys with the mouse. Make your way through the target using a mouse. To utilize bullet time, just press and hold the mouse button. Use the spacekey to activate the special attack. That's a P for a pause. Sending you the best of luck!

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