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2 Foot Ball

In the online game 2 Foot Ball, you command two players in a soccer-themed environment. Players select their teammates in order to catch the ball and score points into the opposing team's goal.For the win, use the controller to perform and get past the rival. You can move the player by touching the screen and dragging your finger. Are you ready? Join 2 Foot Ball right away to take advantage of the exciting opportunities!


  • Choosing from 32 different teams.
  • 2D graphics with color.
  • Easy controls and addictive gameplay.

How to play

By dragging the mouse or touching the screen, participants in the challenge take part in it. All the best!

Check out our World Cup collection, including Penalty Champs 22, if you enjoy playing sports games. To move, tap the screen while paying attention to the player's proper position.

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