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Penalty Champs 22

Penalty Champs 22

Welcome to the 2022 World Cup! One of the most captivating games for everyone is Penalty Champs 22. Choose your national team, shoot and defend penalties, and earn medals as one of the competing players. Players may compete in the championship with or without a group stage, in conventional game style, and against friends through WiFi. Why do you persist in waiting? Don't miss out on fantastic possibilities by joining Penalty Champs 22 now!


  • Users are drawn to colorful 2D visuals.
  • Difficult gameplay with easy controls.
  • Improve reaction times; enjoyable game rules.
  • Optional teams and nationalities.
  • Across all platforms, including iOS and Android.

How to play

The object of the game is to maneuver and win using just the mouse. To determine the direction, height, and power of the shot while firing the aircraft, the player must click three times. Simply click once in defensive mode on the area you want the goalkeeper to land (your opponent's shooting location will be shown by a target shortly prior to the shot).

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