Billion Marble

Billion Marble

Everyone may enjoy the real estate world theme of the online game Billion Marble. Building a war plan against human or AI foes is the game's objective. Make an effort to navigate across the map, make your mark everywhere you go, and get the most advantageous places on the board. Have you prepared? Sign up now for Billion Marble!

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  • Modes for single and multiple players.
  • Alter avatars for characters.
  • With clear directions and fun gaming.
  • For all ages to enjoy.
  • On a mobile device.

How to play

During the round, you may play and adhere to the rules using the mouse. To start, everyone rolls the dice to see who goes first. While bought lands will be returned to their owners, increasing their value, players who land rare tiles will be rewarded or penalized. Spend your money wisely and always have a Plan B for emergency situations so you can leave Desert Island or take out adversaries when the chance presents itself. Good fortune!

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