Down the Hill

Down the Hill

In the online game Down the Hill, everyone is exploring a very appealing new nation. Escape from the lava block, avoid spike traps, and gather jewels to increase your riches are the game's objectives. To navigate the magnificent cubic terrain, just follow the directions. Why are you holding out? Sign up now for Down the Hill!

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  • Unlocked skins and cute characters.
  • Simple to play with enjoyable difficulties.
  • Hone your strategic and reactive abilities.
  • On a mobile device.

How to play

The arrow keys or the mouse may be used to play. Select your next movement by using the left and right movement controls. Every action you take brings random possibilities and dangers your way, so don't be concerned. To go farther and get new points, try to avoid broken blocks at all costs, watch out for automobiles, and swim out of the river. Good fortune!

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