Dr Mario World House Calls

Dr Mario World House Calls

Dr Mario World House Calls is a fan-made revision of the popular game. In this version, players assume the role of Dr. Mario, who embarks on a mission to cure viruses. The game takes an interesting twist as players must enter houses to administer the cure. However, beware! Enemies and Bowser's gangs are determined to hinder your progress.

Key Features

In this revision, the main character is Dr. Mario himself. The game offers custom blocks, graphics, overworld, and sprites, providing a unique visual experience. The difficulty level is set at medium, providing a balanced challenge for players.

Fullscreen Option

To play in fullscreen mode, hold down the CTRL key and scroll the mouse middle button up to zoom in or down to zoom out, adjusting the screen size to your preference.

Game Recommendation

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How to play

  • Enter Key = Start
  • Arrow Keys = Move
  • "Z," "X," "S," "D," "A," "C," and "E" Keys = Action buttons
  • Save Progress State = [Shift+F2]
  • Load Progress State = [Shift+F4]
  • Save/Load Game Progress manually using the menu by scrolling over the game window
  • Control customization can be accessed by scrolling over the game window menu at the bottom and clicking "Game Controls"
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