Extra Mario Bros

Extra Mario Bros

Extra Mario Bros is an exciting modification of Super Mario Bros. It introduces new physics, power-ups, and even a fresh final enemy. This modification takes inspiration from the NES game Metroid and incorporates some of its graphics.

Think of it as a completely new game experience. Everything in Extra Mario Bros is brand-new, including maps, graphics, enemies, power-ups, physics, and bosses. It's a well-crafted revision that offers a challenging but enjoyable gameplay. Even the average Super Mario fan can easily conquer it.

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How to play

  • Press Enter to start the game.
  • Use the Arrow Keys for movement.
  • The action keys are "Z", "X", "S", "D", and "C".
  • If you want to customize the controls, you can do so by selecting "Game Controls" from the menu at the bottom of the game window.
  • Additionally, you can use the CTRL key while scrolling the middle mouse button to zoom in or out of the game window.
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