Hair Challenge Online

Hair Challenge Online

A fun online game for everyone with a Japanese flavor is Hair Challenge Online. Participate in the challenge and beat your opponent to the finish line. As you race to the finish line, you will cross several different colored platforms. Your hair will be dyed with various colors. Be careful not to step on fire platforms. I find it intriguing. Take the Hair Challenge online now!


  • Vibrant 3D visuals.
  • Controlling characters in Japanese.
  • Acquire new skins via the in-game store.
  • Enjoyable and engaging game.

How to play

You can play the online game Hair Challenge with your mouse or your finger to finish the task. Other than scissors, other challenges are possible. Avoid them whenever possible. Otherwise, your hair can be abruptly chopped! You'll eventually be able to breathe easily. To fly until the character lands, continue to hold the left click. In order to unlock new skins for your avatar and increase the excitement of the game, try to gather blue stars!

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