Icy Purple Head 3

Icy Purple Head 3

With the help of charming Icy Purple Head 3, embark on an exciting journey! All of this is the world of the purple head, and we're only passing through it! With all of the ice and snow around him, you can be sure that he will welcome you with open arms to a fun and entertaining journey. Are you up to the challenge of becoming a part of his life and navigating this voyage with him?

In this game, you must assist the purple head in completing each stage by extending your hand to him. Our guy will be sliding his way through the platforms in each level, as you will see in the video. He hopes to situate himself just in the middle of the mailboxes so that he can be promoted to the following level! You must utilize your left mouse button to assist him in moving. The blue color will appear on our character's skin and he will slip on the ice surfaces. There will also be some birds in his path as he makes his journey. In order to hit the birds and clear the route, you must match our character's color with theirs. Do not forget that you may customize your character's appearance by earning new skins! Another thing to note is that every 8th level presents a new and unique challenge! As you progress through the game, aim to get as close as possible to the mailboxes and to complete all 40 levels!

How to play

How To Play Icy Purple Head 3

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