Lethal Race

Lethal Race

Lethal Race gives you the opportunity to gain by each competitors. You can improve your car, eliminate your opponents and teach them how to do a triple reverse flip. Then, take first place at every finish line. As you race against other superhero enemies automobiles, you will make your way through tunnels, farms, cities, and more. Have fun!

The Lethal Race involves a fight for life and death, in which only the strongest participants will prevail. This ride is going be fast! Participate in a race against other cars, collect cash, and do flips to increase your nitro. While avoiding any injury, you can eliminate enemy cars. Additionally, you can unlock new cars, upgrade them with the money you win, and race on more challenging courses. You should make the most of every springboard that you have in order to do flips during race. You will have a higher nitro gauge, which will give you an advantage over the rest. There will be 12 vehicles available, including a monster car, police cruiser and Formula 1 automobile. You will need to choose a vehicle and make modifications. Your goal is to race down a bumpy road, making big jumps, and trying to outdo your opponents. To earn nitro, you must do backflips and collect money and stars to customize the vehicle. Modifying your vehicle can help you get more stars or coins. To win, you must race as hard as possible. This includes causing damage to the cars of your competitors. Take part in this treacherous race to earn money and increase your nitro. You can upgrade your vehicle with the coins that you've earned. To win first place you must finish each race.


How to play

How To Play Lethal Race

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