Mario Chronicles

Mario Chronicles

Mario Chronicles is an awesome fan game that offers a fresh and exciting level design. The levels are enjoyable and not overly difficult, which is a relief. The main objective in Mario Chronicles is similar to Super Mario Bros. 3. The stages are still relatively short in length but offer a fun gameplay experience. You'll come across various activities like card matching games, panel line-up games, encounters with Hammer Bros, and visits to Toad Houses.

You'll have a familiar item selection, along with a few new additions like Kuribo's Shoe, keys, and a Boomerang Suit. It's worth noting that some Toad Houses might freeze the game, and if you happen to fail on the airship in World 1, it will fly off to an unreachable part of the overworld map.

The Story of Mario Chronicles

Story-wise, Mario Chronicles follows the same plot as Super Mario Bros. 3, but unfortunately, it was never fully completed. Bowser has dispatched his seven children to steal the magic wands from the seven kings of Mushroom Land and transform them into animals. While Mario engages in battles with Bowser's Koopa kids aboard their airships, Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach and takes her to Dark Land. If Mario manages to overcome the glitches in Mario Chronicles, he'll make it to Dark Land, only to encounter game-breaking issues!

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Prepare for an epic escapade in Super Mario Bros 3, where the dastardly Bowser and his mischievous gang have not only captured Princess Peach but also turned the rulers of different realms into peculiar creatures. It's high time Mario and Luigi step up their game,retrieve the powerful magic wands, defeat Bowser, and rescue the princess before time runs out.

How to play

As for the game controls, you can start by pressing the Enter key. Moving Mario is done using the arrow keys, while action buttons include "Z," "X," "S," "D," and "C." If you prefer to change the controls, simply scroll down to the game window menu at the bottom and click on "Game Controls." If you wish to play in fullscreen mode, hold down the CTRL key and use the mouse middle button to zoom in or out.

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