Mario Fantasy Adventure

Mario Fantasy Adventure

Mario Fantasy Adventure is an exciting hack that takes the beloved Mario characters and transports them into a Final Fantasy-inspired world set in the Mushroom Kingdom. Originally created by Acmlm, this hack builds upon the unfinished "Mario Fantasy Adventure" with enhanced graphics, music, and gameplay throughout the entire game.

Character Classes
  • Mario: Fighter
  • Luigi: Thief
  • Yoshi: Monk
  • Toad: Red Mage
  • Peach: White Mage
  • Daisy: Black Mage

Super Mario Fantasy Adventure retains the original plot and order of events from Final Fantasy but immerses players in a Mario-themed world. Expect new artwork, sprites, weapons, and a Mario-inspired soundtrack to enhance your gaming experience.


If you're a fan of classic platform games, we recommend trying out Classic Mario Brothers. Join the iconic Italian twin plumbers, Mario and Luigi, as they embark on an adventure to defeat creatures like Koopas and crabs that have emerged from the sewers. It's a beloved game that captures the essence of Mario's platforming prowess.

How to play

In Mario Fantasy Adventure, every aspect of the game has been modified, including the characters, monsters, and graphics. The character classes have also been fully developed, offering a diverse selection to choose from. You can now play as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Peach, or Daisy, each with their own unique abilities and corresponding class upgrades.

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