Mario Is Missing

Mario Is Missing

Assist Luigi in rescuing Mario from Bowser's clutches in Mario Is Missing, an exclusive solo adventure featuring Luigi that invites you to join the action. Let's embark on the gameplay now!

In this distinctive Mario game, Bowser has kidnapped Mario, taking him to his castle. Take on the role of Luigi and embark on a global quest to save his brother in Mario is Missing! This platform/entertainment hybrid emphasizes interaction with characters, exploration of various locations, and solving historical questions.

Mario Is Missing's Story:

The narrative unfolds as Bowser's latest scheme involves flooding Earth with hair dryers from Hafta Havit HairdryerHotcorp Corp to melt Antarctica. Bowser, accompanied by his Koopas, travels worldwide stealing significant landmarks for profit. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi pursue Bowser to Antarctica to thwart his plans. However, Mario ventures alone and falls into Bowser's clutches. With Mario captured, Luigi must bravely venture into the castle, leaving Yoshi outside, and retrieve the stolen artifacts to save both his brother and the Earth.

Game play:

Gameplay involves controlling Luigi, who starts the game with Yoshi at Bowser's castle, equipped with PORTALS for teleportation to cities with active Koopas. The player can utilize a city map and the Globulator, a world map, to direct Yoshi's movements globally, crucial for reuniting with Luigi. A computer keeps track of gathered clues, including information from interactions with people in cities and small books detailing places that had items stolen.

The player must identify the city Luigi is in, discover the stolen artifact, and determine its location by conversing with locals. Each city has multiple tourist information centers and three stolen treasures, retrieved by dispatching Koopas. Lost artifacts include Big Ben, Mona Lisa, and the Great Sphinx of Giza.

How to play

To navigate the game, use the Enter key to start, Arrow Keys to move, Space Bar to select options, and "Z" and "X" keys for in-game actions. Let the adventure begin!

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