Mario Kart Super Circuit

Mario Kart Super Circuit

Mario Kart Super Circuit is an enjoyable racing game that brings together the best elements from previous Mario Kart games. It retains the core feature of the series, which is using items obtained from Item Boxes to gain an advantage over opponents. Additionally, the game includes all the beloved courses from Super Mario Kart.

Exciting Cups and Courses

Mario Kart Super Circuit offers five cups, each containing four thrilling race courses. These cups include the Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Lightning Cup (a new addition), Star Cup, and Special Cup. By collecting 100 coins in each cup after winning the Special Cup in the highest engine class, players unlock the Extra Cup version. Moreover, all the classic courses from Super Mario Kart make a return, adding to the nostalgia and excitement. If players manage to achieve a gold trophy on all the Super Circuit cups, the title screen background changes to a beautiful sunset. And for those who attain a triple star ranking on all the Super Circuit cups, the title screen background transforms into a captivating nighttime setting.

Various Game Modes

Mario Kart Super Circuit offers five different game modes. The Grand Prix mode allows players to compete against computer-controlled opponents in a series of races. Time Trial mode challenges players to complete courses in the fastest time possible. Quick Run mode lets players choose their favorite courses for a quick and casual race. VS mode allows multiplayer races when using multiple Game Boy Advance systems. Lastly, Battle Mode brings intense multiplayer battles where players can go head-to-head to pop each other's balloons using items.

Characters and Items

All the beloved characters from Mario Kart 64 return in Mario Kart Super Circuit. Each character races in their unique go-kart, tailored to their size and color. The racers are divided into three categories: lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. While playing in VS mode with a single cartridge, all players use different-colored Yoshis as their character.

The game also features a variety of items that players can obtain from Item Boxes. These items can hinder opponents and provide assistance to those who acquire them. Mario Kart Super Circuit includes eleven items from Mario Kart 64, offering a familiar yet exciting item pool.

Similar Games

If you enjoy Mario Kart Super Circuit, you might also like Super Mario Kart 8, another fantastic kart racing game where you can choose from a range of iconic Mario series characters. The goal remains the same: finish races ahead of other racers or complete circuits with the fastest time.

How to play

The main objective of the game is to secure first place in each race, just like in most racing games. Each race features eight drivers, and players can drive through Item Boxes scattered across the course to collect items that can provide an edge. Additionally, gathering coins during the race boosts the kart's top speed. If a player has no coins and collides with another racer, they will spin out. Starting a race with a varying number of coins (2 to 5) depending on the starting position, players can accumulate up to 55 coins throughout the race.

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